GoPlay Editor

GoPlay Editor 2.0

Edit and adjust video, audio, music and picture separately in different track

Unlike other screen recorders, GoPlay Editor is an all-in-one utility designed to help you in all the stages of the video creation process. From desktop or webcam recording to video splitting and merging, and from audio mixing to adding seamless transitions and effects, this comprehensive tool will take you all the way from video recording to uploading your final mix to YouTube.

Having all the tools and features you need to create, enhance, and share your videos in just one place is probably the program’s main asset. High-Definition video recording is another one, followed closely by its multi-track timeline for easy video editing and mixing. Going from one end of the video creation process to the other is fairly simple, making its learning curve almost non-existent.

The first step is to select the area and the source(s) you want to record from – you can choose any area of your desktop or the entire screen, and you can activate your webcam to make either a full recording of yourself or to add your webcam capture to your recording as a small rectangle in the bottom right corner of your screen. YouTubers will surely love this feature, but also anyone who likes to be seen while making their presentation, commenting on the intricacies of their gameplay, or creating a tutorial. For some reason, the small screen that reproduces the area that will be recorded appears as a number of screens-within-a-screen nested ad infinitum that makes it weird and sometimes difficult to preview what the program is actually about to record. Other than that, the set-up process offers no significant difficulties.

Once the recording is over, you can choose to save the video file or move it to the program’s timeline-based video editor. This is a no-nonsense editing tool with all the features you usually find in most standalone editors – video split and merge functionality, multi-track video and audio mixer, video effects and transitions, image and audio settings, audio dubbing capabilities, etc. Among its many goodies, speed-up and slow-down of both (or either) the audio and video streams are probably my favorite. Its one-click filters are not only easy to apply but also fun, and will help you add a creative layer to your pro-looking recording.

Regardless of the quality settings that you selected when setting up the recording, completed videos can be exported to MP4, AVI, FLV, and MOV, and with the resolution and quality level of your choice. Uploading your gameplay (or any other recording) to YouTube can be done straight away from the program’s interface. No other video sharing sites are supported, though – a limitation that doesn’t seem to detract much from the overall advantages of using an all-in-one video recorder.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Multi-track timeline for video editing
  • Wide range of transitions, effects, and filters
  • Direct upload of videos to YouTube
  • High-definition recordings
  • Allows you to add credits and subtitles
  • Built-in music library for your soundtracks


  • Confusing preview screen
  • Uploads your videos to YouTube only
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